Fortsæt til indhold

Extend your asset lifetime with drone-enabled non-destructive testing.

Inspection of assets from any angle

Perform the same work safer and more cost-effective

Safety is our first priority

  • Optimize Shutdown Efficiency

    Maximize the utilization of shutdown time by conducting comprehensive inspections within the planned time frame.

  • Early Problem Detection

    Identify and address potential issues proactively by inspecting all assets, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

  • Minimize Downtime

    Prevent unnecessary downtime and production delays by inspecting assets while in service.

Arial roboting

Highly reliable even in closed environments

Storage tanks commonly suffer from corrosion, erosion, and material degradation, which can compromise their integrity and safety. Regular inspections are crucial to detect and address these issues promptly.

Multiple payload system

Different asset types - No problem

Our system has different payloads, that enables us to do multiple measurements depending on the material and temperature of the asset. 

Live QC - Easy reporting

Swift sharing of data through easy reporting

Our pilot focuses on flying, our NDT specialist focuses on the meassurements.

Safety and quality is key.

Advantages for asset owners

Improving every step of Non- Destructive Testing

Process with our system:

  • Receive an inquiry

  • Evaluate the scope of work

  • Perform on-site inspection

  • Deliver the inspection report


Process with conventional
testing methods:

  • Receive an inquiry

  • Evaluate the scope of work

  • Define and mobilize the appropriate teams

  • Arrange equipment logistics

  • Coordinate on an available lead-time for all parties

  • Align on a suitable schedule for all involved parties

  • Set up equipment for the pre-inspection phase

  • Perform on-site inspection

  • Manually process inspection data

  • Deliver the inspection report

What to inspect

Sensory based asset types that would benefit greatly from aerial NDT


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